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Private browsing the hard way with Conkeror

2014-03-20 by TuxRag3r, tagged as apps

I have now switched almost entirely from Mozilla Firefox to Conkeror. I say ‘almost’ because there are a few issues to resolve, and private browsing is the biggest. Conkeror does not have a private browsing mode like it’s more popular cousin, but I thought I could get close to implementing one with the right configuration. I did find some information about setting user and session preferences on the Conkeror wiki, but nothing I put in my main .conkerorrc file (I’m using a directory now) seemed to help. I tried session_pref and user_pref lines at the beginning and end of my file, but nothing I tried seemed to take effect when Conkeror was actually running. Even more perplexing was the absence of error messages when running Conkeror from a terminal.

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Precise Puppy on an emergency USB

2014-03-06 by TuxRag3r, tagged as linux

As many of you may or may not know, my distro of choice when hopping between machines is CrunchBang, but I decided to take another whack at Puppy Linux. The goal here was to setup something that I could use as an emergency replacement for my CrunchBang dev drive. That meant setting up a tiling window manager (ratpoison), dealing with Puppy weirdness, and separating the OS from my data. This article covers what I’ve done so far, what I’ve learned, and what I plan to do with Puppy in the future.

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Switching back to i3

2014-01-31 by TuxRag3r, tagged as nixstubs

When I started using Ratpoison (the window manager, not the toxic rodent food), I thought I was done with practically every other WM and desktop environment out there. Unfortunately, it seems that Ratpoison either doesn’t like multiple monitors, Ubuntu 13.10, or both. Ever since I started using the beat up S10 as my primary machine, I have experienced random lockups and crashes regardless of what I’m doing at the time. It only happens when I’m logged in with Ratpoison. Openbox and XFCE run without any problems.

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Year's End 2013

2014-01-17 by TuxRag3r, tagged as rants

Things usually get a little crazy at my house during December, and that’s why I haven’t updated in so long. The two younger members of the household broke the only good camera we had, so this post won’t have any pictures as a result. I view this as a blessing in disguise, as the images directory on this site is starting to get kind of big. Overall, the holidays were bittersweet. We didn’t exactly end the year on a high note, but we didn’t end it on a low one either.

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Enjoying more screen space with Ratpoison

2013-11-22 by TuxRag3r, tagged as linux

Yesterday, I started playing with Ratpoison, the most interesting and scriptable window manager I’ve tried so far. It’s a manual tiler, which means it doesn’t have automatic pre-defined layouts, and as the name would suggest, it has absolutely no mouse support. It also doesn’t have any borders, and the status bar acts more like a notification daemon. If you have limited screen space and work primarily from the keyboard, then you should definitely give this one a try.

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Google Cutting: GMail

2013-11-16 by TuxRag3r, tagged as web

The first stop on our Google cord-cutting tour is GMail. Granted, GMail is pretty impressive in terms of storage space, filters, and integration with other Google services. The web interface is easy to use, themeable, and notoriously low on ads. They’re far from the only game in town however. Here’s a list of several other e-mail providers that offer similar features. Please keep in mind that while many of these also offer extra services (instant messaging, file storage, etc), I will only focus on e-mail.

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Fixing site problems and dropping AdSense

2013-11-11 by TuxRag3r, tagged as news

I haven’t updated in a while and with good reason. If you’ve visited this site within the past few weeks and experienced rendering problems, it’s partially my fault. The rest of the fault goes to BlazeBlogger’s split file management scheme. I tried using a sed command to replace one snippet of code site-wide, but something went wrong. I had to spend a few days fixing things by hand. That wasn’t the only thing I tried to replace either, so there are probably more errors that I haven’t discovered yet. As a side note, I’m going to start writing about various Google alternatives soon.

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New mobile sidebar!

2013-10-17 by TuxRag3r, tagged as news

The new mobile sidebar is finally ready for testing. From now on, every time this site renders in a window (or screen) that’s less than 700px wide, the sidebar will be replaced by a small button towards the center of the screen on the right side. I’m not entirely sure if it works right because I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet. I urge everyone to try it and let me know on Reddit, Twitter, or Disqus (the comments below) if you have any problems.

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Vector rewrite, mobile site coming soon

2013-10-11 by TuxRag3r, tagged as news

I am now in the process of rewriting Vector using IIFE containers and a global namespace object. I’m also updating the stylesheets to make this site work better on mobile devices.

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Making Solarized finally work

2013-10-01 by TuxRag3r, tagged as linux

I like the Solarized color palette, but it is a real pain to set up. First you need to load the Xresources file for the theme to work, then you have to configure applications and commands to use the new colors. I’ve made some progress with Midnight Commander, the ls command, and WeeChat.

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